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Our Products

Our Products

We provide a wide range of plant growth regulators and pest control compounds whose efficacy and visible results
Pesticides : Their Importance and Advantages

Pesticides : Their Importance and Advantages

There are a number of factors that decide the gross yield or net
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Vadodara Agro Sciences has always stood for maximizing the productivity and elevating the levels of net

Protect your farm from the harmful effects of pests and insects through our excellent range of pesticides.


Vadodar Aagro Sciences

The benefits of pesticides, not only on the quality of the produce but also on the net crop yield, is well documented with scientific surveys and agricultural research inferences ascertaining to their numerous advantages as well as importance. Seeking to back the agricultural scenario and improve crop quality, Vadodara Agro Sciences offers an expansive range of Biocides, Bio Fungicides, Organic Fungicide, Oenanthol Bisulphate and plant growth regulating compounds, whose effectiveness is trusted by farmers across the demand demographics.
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