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Company Overview

Since the inception of our company in 2012, we have pioneered the development of a number of pesticides which quickly became an ideal choice of farm hands and agricultural personnel. Backed by a highly ambitious posse of experts possessing vast experience, we have cemented ourselves as a noted Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of products such as Insecticides, Herbicide, Fungicides, Organic Fungicide Oenanthol Bisulphate, Natural Fungicide Oenanthol Bisulphate to name a few.

Our Products

We are offering a vast range of pest control compounds and plant growth regulators whose efficiency and visible outcomes are a representative of their reliability. Following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong:

  • Organic Fungicides
  • Organic Virucide
  • Organic Bactericide
  • Organic Nematodes
  • Organic Miticides
  • Organic Insecticides
  • Organic Pesticides
  • Organic Weedicides
  • Organic Herbicides
  • Organic Plant growth promoter stimulator
  • Organic Plant growth Regulators
  • Bio Fungicide
  • Bio Insecticide
  • Oenanthol Bisulphate
  • Oenanthol Sodium Bisulphate
  • Granules

    Quality Assurance

    Vadodara Agro Sciences has always strive for maximizing the final productivity and enhance the level of net yield acquired from the agricultural produce, and the economic prospects of farmers and peasants can be improved. Keeping in line with the same principle, we have taken the route of research and innovation that can aid us in developing even better iterations of plant growth regulators and biocides that can effectively reduce the productivity negating effects of pests. To produce such an effective range of chemicals, we ensure that the raw materials and chemical substrates we procure are of supreme grade and are processed using advanced techniques and cutting edge machines under supervision of a team of experts, to make them truly stand apart.

    Pesticides : Their Importance and Advantages

    There are several factors that determine the gross yield or net agricultural produce like timely onset of monsoon, level of rainfall, soil fertility and availability of crop growth regulating and enhancing factors. But one of the most understated yet vital element, that on ignorance takes a heavy toll on the yield and quality of the produce is effective weeding of harmful agents such as insects and fungi. To eliminate the same a number of biocides were developed to counter their menace and provide a pristine environ for the crops to grow and curb the harmful effects of pests.

    In addition to their regulatory action, they also come with a number of additional benefits in tow, a few of whom are mentioned below :

    1) Increase In Productivity : As per documented reports collected after intensive agricultural surveys across the globe, the net crop yield from farms that made effective use of pesticides was found to be drastically increased due to reduction in nutrient competition from pests.
    2) Shielding From Crop Losses : Pests such as fungi and insects cause considerable damage to the plant parts such as leaves and tender branches, which consequently take a toll on the development of fruits and seeds, and thus are a major reason for deterioration in their quality. Therefore, prompt use of pesticides can prove to be an effective means to bring their harmful actions to a halt. Control Over Vector Borne Diseases : insects and a number of other organisms that make their habitat in vicinity of agricultural fields serve as carriers for a number of ailments such as Schistosome parasite induced disease and a host of others, but they can be eliminated from becoming a part of the food system by proper usage of pesticides.
    3) Food Quality : In lieu of pests and growth competitors, the entire nutrient pool of the soil and superficial additives are left at the disposal of plants alone to assimilate, which translates into improved quality of food products and enhances their nutritional value for increased health benefits.

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